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Jeanne Merrill Consulting, LLC provides strategic advocacy, policy analysis, and coalition development services to nonprofit, government, university, and philanthropic leaders on state and federal initiatives that help build resilient and equitable food and farm systems.

Strategic Advocacy

  • Identify, cultivate and implement food and agriculture policy initiatives
  • Conduct power mapping, and landscape and opportunity analysis

  • Create messaging, provide speaker training and related support

  • Provide state and federal agency policy initiative support

  • Assist with legislative and budget advocacy campaign development and execution


Policy Analysis, Program Evaluation, & Research  

  • Perform literature reviews  

  • Policy recommendations and development

  • Advise on funding strategies

Coalition Development & Management

  • Identify coalition and partner opportunities 

  • Provide governance structure and management

  • Perform outreach and leadership development planning

  • Facilitate meetings 

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